Everything You Need to Know Mediacom


How much does Mediacom Cost?

Up to 2000 mbps
  • 100 Mbps & 30G: $25 mo.
  • 300 Mbps & 20G: $70 mo.
  • 1000 Mbps & 3000G: $150 mo.
  • 2000 Mbps & 8,500G: ? mo.
  • Cable & Fiber
  • No contract length
  • Whole home wifi


What states is Mediacom available in?


How do I know if Mediacom is available near me?

The best way to check availability is to the use the “Rate Card” page on their website. Its the easiest to use since you just enter a zip code. If they cover your area, then you will actually get a useful PDF document that lists out cost of all services near you. You have to hand it to Mediacom for being so transparent in their pricing.  


What is Mediacom Xtream?

Mediacom’s “Xtream” is the branding they use for their suite of high-speed internet, cable television, and telephone services. Xtream is designed to offer enhanced features, improved user interfaces, and faster internet speeds. Here are some key aspects of Mediacom’s Xtream services, as of my last training cut-off in September 2021:
  1. Xtream Internet: Mediacom offers high-speed internet services under the Xtream brand, with speeds that can reach up to 1 Gbps (gigabit per second) or more in some locations. This is made possible, in part, by their use of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard.
  2. Xtream TV: This is Mediacom’s cable television service that comes with features like voice remote, in-home TiVo DVR integration, and an enhanced on-screen guide. Users can access a variety of channels, including HD offerings.
  3. Xtream Voice Remote: This is a voice-activated remote control that allows users to search for shows, change channels, and control certain functions of their TV just by speaking.
  4. Xtream WiFi 360: Mediacom has also promoted WiFi 360, which is designed to provide comprehensive WiFi coverage throughout the user’s home. It includes extenders that help to reduce or eliminate dead spots in WiFi coverage.
  5. Xtream TV App: This app allows subscribers to watch live and on-demand programming on their mobile devices. It’s a part of the TV Everywhere initiative, giving users the flexibility to watch their favorite content on the go.
  6. Integration with Streaming Services: The Xtream platform often integrates popular streaming services like Netflix, making it easier for users to access all their content from one interface.

What is Mediacom Bolt?

Bolt is a special service for homes in areas located far from traditional internet infrastructure.  It is a way to get fast internet to rural locations. Special Mediacom signal towers are connected to their fiber network.  Customers access these signals with a Bolt antennas, which in turn is connected to a Wi-Fi router in the home. Here is a simple breakdown of Bolt pricing:
  • 25 Mbps for $60 per month
  • 50 Mbps for $80per month
  • 100Mbps for $100 per month
Here is a link to the Bolt page of their website:

Does Mediacom credit check?

Yes, according to their terms of service, you agree to Mediacom running a credit check.

Does Mediacom have data caps?

Yes, data caps or monthly data allowances are based on specific residential internet plans. Here were some of the data allowances associated with their plans:
  • Internet 100: 500 GB
  • Internet 300: 1500 GB
  • Internet 600: 3000 GB
  • 1 GIG Internet: 6000 GB
  • 2 GIG Internet: 8000 GB

Does Mediacom have any hidden fees?

While they dont specifically hide these fees, you should know that if you don’t enroll in autopay for some offers, the the advertised monthly price is $10 more. If you rent a modem it will be at least $14 per month. Other one time fees include:
  • installation fee that is usually $109.99
  • $10 activation fee
Also any state taxes that might apply.


Can I install Mediacom internet myself?

Yes, Mediacom does offer self-installation kits for customers who prefer to set up their service on their own. This can be a convenient option for those who are comfortable with basic technological setups and want to avoid the potential fees or scheduling associated with a professional installation. Here’s a general overview of the self-installation process:
  1. Ordering the Kit: When you sign up for Mediacom services, indicate that you’d like a self-installation kit. They will provide you with all the necessary equipment and instructions.
  2. Contents of the Kit: Typically, the kit will contain a modem (or a combination modem-router, often called a gateway), coaxial cables, a power cord, and detailed step-by-step instructions.
  3. Setup: The general process involves:
    • Connecting the modem to a cable outlet in your home using the provided coaxial cable.
    • Powering up the modem by connecting it to an electrical outlet using the provided power cord.
    • Waiting for the modem lights to stabilize, indicating a connection.
    • Setting up the WiFi network, if you have a combination modem-router.
  4. Activation: After setting up the equipment, you might need to activate the service by either visiting a specific website or calling a number provided in the instructions. During activation, you’ll typically need to provide account details and possibly the modem’s MAC address, which should be found on the device.
  5. Troubleshooting: If you encounter issues, the kit will often include troubleshooting steps. Mediacom should also have a customer support line you can call for help.
  6. Returning Equipment: If you ever discontinue service or need to swap equipment, Mediacom will provide instructions on how to return their devices. Make sure you keep any original boxes or packaging.
A few things to note:
  • Self-installation might not be available for all services or in all areas.
  • Ensure that you have an available coaxial outlet in the location where you plan to set up your modem. If your home isn’t wired for cable or if there are issues with the internal wiring, you might need a professional installation.
  • It’s essential to read through all instructions before starting the installation process and to follow them carefully to ensure the service works correctly.

Which modem can you use for Mediacom?

Like most providers Mediacom requires a DOCSIS 3.1 certified modem.  Here is a list of modems that they recommend for use with all of their plans:
  • ARRIS Group,Inc. CM8200
  • ARRIS Group,Inc. SB8200
  • Motorola MB8600
  • Netgear CAX30
  • Netgear CAX80
  • Netgear CM1000
  • Netgear CM1100 3
  • Netgear CM2000
  • Zoom Telephonics,Inc. MB8600

What about Mediacom and eero?

Mediacom and eero have collaborated in the past to offer improved in-home Wi-Fi experiences for Mediacom customers. Here’s a breakdown:
  1. eero Overview: eero is a company known for its mesh Wi-Fi systems. A mesh Wi-Fi system consists of multiple devices that spread out across your home to create a uniformly strong Wi-Fi signal throughout, effectively reducing or eliminating “dead spots” in coverage. eero’s systems are known for their simplicity, ease of setup, and effective coverage.
  2. Mediacom’s Use of eero: Mediacom has partnered with eero to offer its customers the benefits of mesh Wi-Fi. Instead of relying on a single router, Mediacom customers can use eero devices to blanket their homes in consistent, strong Wi-Fi signals.
  3. Benefits for Mediacom Customers: This collaboration aims to offer Mediacom customers a more robust and reliable Wi-Fi experience, especially in larger homes or homes with challenging layouts that might obstruct a traditional Wi-Fi signal. With eero’s technology, customers can enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connectivity across their entire residence.
  4. Setup and Management: One of the key features of eero is its user-friendly setup and management, primarily done through the eero mobile app. Through the app, Mediacom customers can quickly set up their network, check on its health, see which devices are connected, and even set up guest networks or parental controls.

What kind of cable does Mediacom use?

Mediacom, like many cable internet and TV service providers, uses coaxial cable for its infrastructure. Here’s a bit more about the technology:
  1. Coaxial Cable: This type of cable consists of a central conductor, an insulating layer, a metallic shield, and an outer layer. Coaxial cables have been widely used in the cable television industry for decades due to their ability to carry large amounts of data over long distances with minimal signal loss.
  2. DOCSIS Technology: To provide internet services over coaxial cables, Mediacom and other cable ISPs use a technology standard called DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification). Over the years, DOCSIS has seen several iterations, with each version allowing for increased data speeds.


How do I know if Mediacom is down near me?

There are many reasons why an outage may occur such as weather or accidents impacting necessary infrastructure.  Mediacom recommends that you install their app available in the App Store or Google Play to monitor outages. You can also text ‘OUTAGE’ to 66554. One cool feature about Mediacom is that you can post a message in their community forums and an employee will let you know any information that they have about an outage.

About The Company

Is Mediacom the same as Comcast?

No, they are two totally separate companies.

Who started Mediacom?

Mediacom is owned by its founder, Rocco B. Commisso. He started the company in 1995, and under his leadership, it grew to become one of the largest cable and internet service providers in the United States, particularly in smaller markets and rural areas. Rocco B. Commisso has remained actively involved in the company throughout its history, overseeing its strategic direction and growth.

Where is the Mediacom headquarters?

Mediacom’s headquarters is located in Blooming Grove, New York.

Mediacom & Government Assistance (ACP)

Mediacom is part of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).  The ACP, an initiative by the federal government, offers eligible households a subsidy of up to $30 monthly for their broadband and associated equipment costs. Mediacom created a special package called Connect2Compete Plus (C2C+.  It offers 100 Mbps download speeds† at a monthly charge of $30. This includes a modem, in-house WiFi, unlimited data, and complimentary self-installation. With the ACP’s monthly credit of up to $30, eligible subscribers can either access C2C+ without any monthly fees or apply the $30 credit to any available internet package in their vicinity.