About Us

Believe it or not we have actually been around for a long time. You may recall our original site www.all-free-isp.com which was started back in 1999. At that time, we created a useful guide to finding free a ISP based on your area code. Back then you get decent service for free.

Unfortunately, the features and quality of service available from free internet service providers has drastically declined. Many of the best free ISPs went out of business or started charging for their service. Those that still offer free internet access often have reliability problems and have established strict usage limits that only allow a minimal amount of surfing each month.

Fast forward to 2019. We still provide local options for internet access, but now we focus on major service providers that offer multiple broadband connection options. Whether you are looking for the cheapest option for basic web surfing, the fastest speeds for gaming and streaming, or just multiple wifi hotspots for you home, we provide comparisons of service providers in each area.