Visa Using Facebook Page As Mobile Landing Page

I’m sure this is becoming more common, but I hadn’t seen it previously: an advertiser driving from a mobile display ad to a Facebook page (see images below). In this case the advertiser is Visa (and the NFL) and the ad appeared on the mobile Internet HTML homepage of Yahoo. The Facebook fan page isn’t optimized for mobile so arguably it’s not going to be as effective in driving fan acquisition as would be a specific mobile fan page. It could either be a test of the utility and feasibility of Facebook pages as landing pages — or it could just be sloppy. Previously Millennial Media reported that the following was the mix of “destinations” for mobile ad campaigns on its network: The largest category of “destinations” was a corporate site, followed by a custom landing page and then an application download. Presumably the custom landing page is optimized for mobile and so wouldn’t be a conventional Facebook fan page. Here’s the Visa banner ad and then the full Facebook landing page, which is too small to really be effective on the iPhone. Screen shot 2010-11-07 at 6.29.53 AMScreen shot 2010-11-07 at 6.30.13 AM