Verizon Pad Coming Soon, How Cheap Will It Be?

There’s a report out this morning that Verizon will be launching an iPad competitor in the form of an HTC built Android Tablet on November 26 in the US market. It will likely be the first genuine iPad competitor to hit. As with Android (vs. iPhone) in general it will likely not be as polished as the iPad — though here Flash availability may be a differentiator — but it will likely be pretty strong or “good enough” for many people — especially if it’s cheap. The key issue will be cost. Here’s what we said not long ago about the question of iPad challengers and pricing:
There is unlikely to be any single Android tablet that “wins” in terms of overall user experience and quality vs. the iPad — though flash may play a larger differentiating role on tablets than it has one smartphones. But price will be a significant factor in buying behavior, as it always is. The market has been established by the iPad, now it’s “safe” for competitors to ape the iPad but at lower price points. And if those devices are “good enough” the lower prices will be persuasive to many consumers who don’t want to pay more than $500 for a device that isn’t a full computer replacement.  
Verizon might totally subsidize it in exchange for a two-year data agreement or there might be a couple of price points tied to memory and/or the existence of a data contract. But you can bet that the price will seek to undercut the iPad by a significant margin. Related: Verizon is going to make FIOS TV available via the iPad . . . and presumably this Android tablet.