Tablets as Really Big Smartphones

As I’ve said many times, I’m fascinated by the “two-device scenario”: one mobile device for calling and one for Internet. The myriad eReaders now emerging promise to evolve into full-blown Internet devices in the near future but the CrunchPad (now called JooJoo) is a Internet-centric tablet that could potentially double as an eReader — the other way around, in other words.

Any Apple Tablet is sure to be Internet-centric and WiFi enabled as well. 

The JooJoo device (supposed to launch on Friday) may never make it to market because of a looming lawsuit with TechCrunch, the company that originally developed it. The device is also overpriced at $500, which will keep people away.

The right price point is less than $300. At $500 people will compare it to a laptop rather than an iPhone or iPod Touch. However it points the way to a broader range of connected mobile devices that are not phones. 

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Photo credit: CNET

On this device, the Internet is the Internet — not a shruken-down mobilized version. See CNET’s “hands on” review