Survey: 77% of iPhone Owners Will Buy Another

The Yankee Group’s recent mobile survey data (n=3,425 US respondents), which was used to draw the inaccurate conclusion that nearly 75% of iPhone users “very satisfied” with AT&T, offers a number of interesting other data points. Yankee categorizes mobile subscribers into three groups: general mobile (feature) phone users, smartphone users and iPhone users. The following are top-level data released by Yankee Analyst Carl Howe in a post seeking to correct CNN’s misconstruction of the survey data:
  • 88% of iPhone owners intend to buy another smartphone; 77% of iPhone owners intend to buy another iPhone
  • 33% of smartphone owners intend to buy an iPhone
  • 20% of all smartphone customers say they’ll buy an Android phone
  • 23% of RIM/BlackBerry owners plan to buy an iPhone.
  • 36% of Android owners say they plan to buy an iPhone; 32% of Android owners intend to buy another Android phone.
To reduce this data to its simplest conclusions, iPhone brand loyalty is stronger than Android and RIM. Other surveys have offered similar if slightly different findings on loyalty: In addition, Yankee found the following regarding daily mobile Internet access by device category:
  • iPhone owners: 67%
  • Smartphone owners: 49%
  • Mobile phone owners: 30%