Sumsung Gunning for Top Android Spot, Android in Spotlight at CES

Samsung has reportedly sold more than 10 million “Galaxy S” Android handsets globally (in seven months), according to several reports. The company is selling roughly 1.4 million units per month. The largest market is North America, followed by Europe and South Korea. Late to the smartphone party, Samsung is on pace to become the dominant Android OEM globally. Motorola would seem to be the most vulnerable of the OEMs to the Korean electronics giant’s Android gains. Below are the most recent global and US OEM sales and market share figures according to Gartner and comScore: Screen shot 2011-01-03 at 4.19.05 AM Screen shot 2011-01-03 at 4.20.08 AM Of course the Consumer Electronics Show is this week and we’re going to see lots of Android devices. Verizon is set to announce the first 4G Android handsets for its LTE network. There will also apparently be a million and one Android tablets on display, from Lenovo, Toshiba, Motorola, Vizio and others. As with Android handsets it will be a battle to differentiate on hardware features and price. Most of the new Android tablets will run Honeycomb, making the Samsung Galaxy Tab obsolete unless it gets the software upgrade. (Samsung says it has sold 1.5 million Galaxy Tabs, largely because of the smaller form factor; the UX is mediocre compared to the iPad.) One thing to keep an eye out for is sub-$200 tablets of reasonable quality. The Verizon iPhone apparently won’t be announced at CES and will instead be presented at a special Apple press event in February. At that time the company may also introduce its anticipated iPad 2 to respond to the Android tablet tsunami. We’re not attending CES and because it’s such a “noisy” show, we’ll only be selectively reporting on announcements coming out of it.