Sprint Expands 4G Net, Offers Second Handset

Sprint in the US is introducing its second “4G” handset, the Samsung Epic. It’s an Android device, of course, with full slide-out keyboard and a built-in Swype keypad. It also has an HD camcorder. The phone is reportedly a version of the Samsung Galaxy handset. Simultaneously Sprint announced the expansion of its 4G network to more secondary markets, including several in California, Florida, Delaware and Michigan. There are now almost 50 metro markets covered by the Sprint/Clear network, though some of the major markets are still missing (i.e., San Francisco, New York, Boston, LA). I’ve now used the Sprint 4G network several times in the Bay Area, Seattle and Chicago. In my experience on my Android EVO the speed difference from 3G is barely noticeable and the battery drain effect is, by contrast, quite