Smartphones Selling Fast, Gartner Joins Throng and Predicts Android Win

Mindshare is consolidating around Android and many pundits are predicting that the Google mobile OS will soon become the number two smartphone platform globally. The only question is when. Financial firm Piper Jaffray says it will be 2012, IDC says 2013 and IT consulting firm Gartner now says it will be this year as well. All of these predictions are based on current sales momentum enjoyed by Android, perceived weakness from Nokia, RIM and Microsoft. They also assume that Apple sales will be steady but flat compared to Android. Some firms also believe that RIM and maybe Nokia will be compelled to put out Android handsets. Here’s the Gartner forecast, which predicts share losses by everyone but Android during the forecast period: Screen shot 2010-09-10 at 5.44.07 AM Clearly Android has momentum but it’s possible that Winodows (Mobile) 7 and a reinvigorated Nokia (MeeGo) could moderate or diminish some of Android’s potential gains. In the US a more widely available iPhone would almost certainly do the same. The Gartner forecast also probably underestimates iPad and iPod Touch sales. Indeed, forecasts inevitably turn out to be incorrect though they may be “directionally” accurate. Whether or not Gartner’s numbers above come close or miss the mark by a mile, it’s clear that Android is a remarkable success story for Google. Related: Smartphones selling faster than anticipated