Report: Android on a Tear, Passes iPhone in US

With multiple handset OEMs and multiple carriers the “Android army” of devices has reportedly overtaken the iPhone in terms of market share in the US smartphone market according to Nielsen (via GigaOm). The data show the following Q2 (survey based) US smartphone market share distribution:
  • RIM: 33%
  • Android: 27%
  • iPhone: 23%
  • Windows Mobile: 11%
  • Combined others: 6%
The Nielsen data reflect that Android’s share in Q1 was 17%, which would mean an amazing 10 point leap in a single quarter. We may see some sort of Apple push-back on or attempted spin of this data. For context and comparison purposes, here are Gartner global smartphone data share figures for Q1, 2010:
The Nielsen data, however, continue to show greater loyalty among iPhone owners vs. Android and other handset types: Android has clearly emerged as a viable alternative to the iPhone in the US, which remains locked up with AT&T so to speak — a strategic blunder by Apple that has now apparently cost the company some of its credibility and potentially its mindshare in the smartphone segment. While Android continues to be not as “elegant” or polished as the iPhone (it isn’t), it’s much more widely available and for a large number of people a perfectly acceptable alternative. ___ RelatedAndroid smart phone shipments grow 886% year-on-year in Q2 2010