Report: 82% of Consumers Use Phones in Store

Insight Express (IE) has put out some very interesting data this morning (coming to me via IE’s Joy Luizzo) that confirms our own research and what we’ve been writing about for quite some time: consumers are increasingly using their handsets in stores, while shopping. In addition, they’re very interested in and open to deals in context. Some people want to look for deals themselves and a large number of people want deals pushed to them. The data in IE’s new mobile shopping report are based on a June consumer survey of 1,300 US adult mobile users. A whopping 82% said they used their mobile devices in the store, while shopping. Screen shot 2010-07-07 at 11.19.50 AM Source: Insight Express, June 2010 (n=1300 US mobile phone users) Separately 72% of those open to deals expressed interest in having coupons and offers pushed to them, with almost 30% wanting to receive them in a store: Screen shot 2010-07-07 at 11.19.58 AM Source: Insight Express, June 2010 (n=1700 US mobile phone users) The report also shows that smartphone owners are more engaged than non-smartphone owners, as one might expect. People (males 25-34 with smartphone in particular) are using phones in the store, in front of products to make buying decisions. They’re checking reviews and prices, as well as looking for deals and discounts. IE says that 53% of male mobile shoppers have smartphones. Historically males have been adverse to using coupons, but in mobile (and even online) the “stigma” associated with coupon use is largely eliminated. Accordingly, IE reports that in its survey male smartphone users “over-index” (vs. the general population) for coupons in specific categories:
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Department stores
  • Service locations
Finally, 51% of mobile male shoppers want to look for deals themselves vs. 39% who wanted offers pushed to them via SMS. Last week Placecast published similar findings: mobile phone owners want offers and are very receptive to those coming to them via SMS. ___ Related: Knowledge Networks found:
Among those who use a smartphone with applications (“apps”), 40% refer to apps at least “sometimes” when making decisions while shopping . . .32% already say they are more inclined to buy from companies that advertise in apps – a much higher proportion than for other emerging platforms.