Nokia Looking for Its Howard Stringer

Sir Howard Stringer was the first non-Japanese CEO of Sony Corporation. He’s still the CEO of course. The company felt at the time of Stringer’s recruitment that it needed an “outsider” to run things. So may be the case with Nokia, which is now reportedly seeking to replace current CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo — perhaps by the end of the month. According to the Wall Street Journal the company is actively considering Americans among others:
The CEO of a major U.S. high-tech company recently spurned Nokia’s approach after meeting with Chairman Jorma Ollila, because the candidate wasn’t interested in moving to Finland, this person said. Nokia also has flown in at least one other U.S. based executive to interview for the CEO job, the person said.  
The company may feel that it needs someone from the US to help make gains in what has become the world’s most important smartphone market. While investors continue to grouse that Nokia “still has no answer for the iPhone,” it arguably should be more concerned about Android’s potentia gains in developing markets and ability to compete across the board with Nokia. Apple will only compete at the high end. Nokia is the dominant mobile phone OEM in the world; however in the US it has a limited presence and almost no share in the smartphone segment.