New US Mobile Numbers from comScore

Based on activity of US mobile subscribers 13 and older, comScore put out data today that covers September through December 2009. While comScore counts 234 mobile subscribers, CTIA claims 271 million US mobile subscribers. The four major US carriers report approximately 250 million. 

Here are the charts reflecting the comScore data: 

Picture 188

Google/Android doubled its market share during the Q4 period, while Palm, RIM and Windows Mobile all lost share. These Palm devices, notwithstanding the “plus” versions debuting at Verizon have clearly stalled. 

Here’s “mobile content usage” according to comScore: 

Picture 189

The 27% number for “used (Internet) browser” is very consistent with survey data well pulled in 2009.

What that number translates into in terms of “mobile Internet usage” depends on whether you think the base is 234 million or 250 million users. In the former case, the number of US mobile Internet users would be 64 million; in the latter it would be just over 68 million (a number consistent with Nielsen’s figure).

The social network figure (15.9%) translates into 39.7 million social network users (with a 250 million base).