New Look for Google Mobile Results

Google has updated the look of its UI on the PC, with new search options. There’s also been a corresponding change in mobile. It makes search options/filters more prominent and easier to access. They’re also more colorful. According to the Google Mobile Blog:

When you go to in the US on your iPhone or Android-powered device, and enter a search, you can now tap on the button to the left of the search box on the results page to see a new search options menu. Then, selecting any item in the menu will refine your search. For example, if you are looking for recent results for “Mother’s day gift”, simply tap the “Past week” option.

Here are a couple of screens I just pulled on a search for “camera.” On the left is the default view. The right shows the new, more colorful search options, which you can access by tapping the “>>” icon to the left of the search box:

Picture 7

Not all the same tools and filters appear to be available in mobile as online. You can, in my example, find local stores that carry cameras and currently have them in stock (at least via big boxes). In order to do so, you need to select “products” and then the “in stock nearby” link associated with particular, desired item in Google Shopping. 

There was reportedly also supposed to be a “reviews” filter, which would be very useful on the go. But that isn’t in this version of the rollout.