Millennial: Android Gains but So Does iPhone

In Millennial Media’s latest “mobile mix” report, the company put out data showing the “mix” (hence the name) of devices on its network. Most of the numbers were flat compared to last month. However despite the continued growth of Android devices, the iPhone actually grew vs. May’s data. Here are a few of the findings:
  • Apple requests increased 36% month over month; iPad requests grew 206% month over month.
  • The iPhone remained the top device, but Android represented six of June’s Top 20 Mobile Phones.
  • Android requests continued their huge rise, and grew another 23% month over month. Android is now up 439% since January
  • Gaming apps placed #1 on the list of top app channels for the second month in a row and accounted for 41% of all apps on the Millennial network.
  • News/Current Events and Sports apps both jumped three spots, and now round out the top 3 of the top app channels.
Compare data from May’s report: Picture 7 Picture 9 What we’ve got is a very clear three way hardware race: iPhone, Android and RIM. But in terms of developers it’s only about iPhone and Android.