kgb Expands its Mobile Footprint: Adds RIM Phones and New Entertainment App for iPhone

Text answer provider kgb continues to broaden the depth and breadth of its service offerings by expanding its roster of supported phones to include popular RIM-branded smartphones while, at the same time, delivering a new “entertainment” app, called Knowtopia, to iPhone owners. Today its flagship, premium application – kgb Answers – is available to owners of the Blackberry Curve 8300 series™, Curve 8900™, World Phone 8800 series™, Bold 9000™, 9600 Tour™, and the Storm 9500 series™. As we noted here, the app launched for iPhonea and Android-based devices in October. It marked a radical “revisioning” of the text-answering procedure, making it visually interesting and more entertaining. With Knowtopia, kgb takes the entertainment aspects of the answer business to the next level, transforming it into a never-ending mobile trivia contest. This is an organic extension of kgb’s core resource, the network of “special agents” and the database of knowledge (both questions and answers) that they have compiled over the past year of operation. Knowtopia seems like an ideal “time sink”, akin to Twittering, but more conducive to face-to-face interaction. The application intersperses poll questions with trivia questions to promote interactivity. It also acts as a portal into the kgbkgb SMS text-based answers sevice reached through the 542542 short code. Thus, the new application extends the kgb franchise into the entertainment realm in a way that is tightly linked to the company strategy of delivering content on a pay-per-query basis.