JumpTap: New Customers Keep All the Loot

Seeing an opportunity and trying to grab some attention from the Apple vs. Google debate/meme, ad network JumpTap is offering to let new customers (developers and publishers) keep 100% of ad revenue for a limited time:
The new program empowers mobile app developers and publishers to increase their revenue using the industry’s most comprehensive array of ad solutions that run across any device — including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and BlackBerry — all from one ad network and one single point of integration. The Jumptap Passport to Freedom Program establishes a $4 million fund for new customers who will get to keep 100 percent of their revenues through the rest of 2010 or until the fund is depleted — whichever is sooner. Become an advertiser and reinvest the earnings and Jumptap will actually double the amount available for advertising dollars — that’s up to a 200 percent payout. To get started, new customers just sign up for an account; download the SDK and start earning money.  
As the statement above indicates, the offer is limited to the exhaustion of a $4 million fund. This 100% of revenue tactic — reminiscent of how Google spread AdSense in its early days — is also being used by inMobi to acquire new publisher-developer clients. Separately, despite all the bluster and hand-wringing around Apple’s new terms of service, which appear to bar any advertising provider associated with an OS maker (Apple competitor), Apple has not in fact barred AdMob from iOS devices. Apple’s devices reportedly constitute 30% of AdMob’s revenues. According to Omar Hamoui, AdMob founder (now Google VP of Mobile Ads), quoted in the Wall Street Journal:
Apple hasn’t enforced the threat, “and we’re very appreciative of that,” he said.  
A number of companies, including JumpTap, are trying to seize the recent uncertainty surrounding AdMob’s continued operation on iOS devices. Hence the new program.