iPhone 4 World Tour: 17 More Countries Friday

Apple has announced that on Friday (July 30) the iPhone will be available in 17 more countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. iPhone 4 will be available for purchase through Apple’s retail and online stores and Apple® Authorized Resellers.  Here’s Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer discussing iPhone 4 sales on last week’s earnings call: We were very pleased with iPhone sales of 8.4 million, including over 1.7 million iPhone’s 4s in the initial five countries where it was launched. This represents 61% year-over-year growth and is considerably higher than IDCs latest published estimate of 38% growth for the global Smart Phone market overall in the June quarter . . . Recognized revenue from iPhone handset sales, accessory sales and carrier payments was $5.33 billion during the quarter compared to $3.06 billion in the year-ago quarter, an increase of 74%. The sales value of iPhones alone was about $5 billion, which yields an ASP of about $595. At the end of the June quarter, we had iPhone distribution with 154 carriers in 88 countries. We continued to experience very strong year-over-year growth, particularly in Asia, Europe and Japan. Additionally, we continued to be very pleased with strong sales growth from both long-standing and new carrier partners. During the quarter, we surpassed cumulative sales of 100 million iOS devices. During the earnings call Q&A there were questions about iPhone returns and “Antennagate.” Here’s the gist of what was said by Apple: Gene Munster – Piper Jaffray And just last question and I will turn it over. Since the issues with the antenna have you seen any changes in demand or what changes have you seen in demand for iPhone 4? Tim Cook We are, Gene, let me be very clear on this. We are selling every unit we can make currently. Some people credit Apple with distracting from the iPhone’s antenna design by roping other handsets into the controversy. While tech journalists and bloggers debate the validity of these comparisons the public doesn’t seem as interested. Anecodtoally I’ve heard a few consumers hesitate because of press accounts they’ve read or seen regarding the iPhone 4’s antenna problems. But the sales figures apparently indicate that demand is still extremely high. But most of these sales happened before Antennagate. We’ll see what happens internationally now.