Survey: iPhone 4 Satisfaction High, AT&T the ‘Achilles Heel’

ChangeWave has released some US based iPhone 4 customer satisfaction research. The bottom line is that iPhone 4 has very high satisfaction scores — the screen resolution is the most liked feature — though not as high as its immediate predecessor the 3GS. Some people are complaining about the antenna (24%) but it’s the minority — though a substantial minority. The biggest sources of dissatisfaction appear to continue to be related to AT&T and its network. Here are a few of the charts that illustrate these points:




          Interestingly, FaceTime is low on the list of features that people really like; Apple is really selling FaceTime as a differentiator vs. other smartphones. Also “faster web browsing” doesn’t really seem to rate highly. Yet iPhone 4 is much faster than 3G and noiceably faster than 3GS. In terms of dislikes . . .

                              In case it wasn’t already crystal clear to Apple, for myriad reasons the company needs to open up iPhone availability to other carriers. Compare Nielsen’s recent satisfaction data for the top three smartphone platforms in the US market: