iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ Press Conference in Less Than 100 Words

Here’s all the relevant factual information to come out of the mea culpa “Antennagate” press conference:
  • iPhone 4 sold three million handsets in three weeks.
  • Antenna problem acknowledged, Apple working on a fix.
  • Other phones have similar reception problems.
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs: 0.55% of people who bought the iPhone 4 have called to complain about the antenna.
  • Apple will give away free “bumpers” and cases to those who request one, provided phone is/was purchased before September 30th.
  • Apple will also provide a full refund on the phones for those returned in original condition (unharmed) within 30 days of purchase.
  • White iPhone 4 will ship at the end of July
There’s much more coverage on Techmeme. Here’s the full press conference video from Apple.