IDC Contradicts Nokia’s Smartphone Claims

DC has released its smartphone numbers and marketshare data for Q4 and FY 2009. After last week’s discussion about whether Android had “tarnished” or slowed Apple’s iPhone, these IDC numbers show strength for the Apple handset (growth outpaces competitors). Nokia remains number one followed by RIM and then Apple. Here’s what Nokia said about its own estimated marketshare in its most recent earnings release:
  • Nokia estimated mobile device market share of 39% in Q4 2009, up from an estimated 37% in Q4 2008 and 38% in Q3 2009. The full year 2009 estimated market share was 38%, down from 39% in 2008.
  • Nokia grew its converged device market share to an estimated 40%, from an estimated 35% in Q3 2009.
IDC contradicts that assertion with its own data and estimates, saying that the device maker’s smartphone share is 38.9%, down from 40% a year ago. Here they are: Picture 176 The smartest thing that Nokia can do in the near term to restore growth is to cut prices, which it is doing. It has also made its Navteq-supported mapping and navigation software free, prompting a huge number of downloads (one per second) since the announcement.