Glympse Enables Mo-Lo Sharing on Facebook

Glympse is a simple and elegant mobile app that allows “real-time location sharing” via mobile devices. Users who receive a “Glympse” (via email or otherwise) can see the movements of the person in real time on a map, as he or she travels to a destination. We wrote about it when the company launched a year ago. It has versions that work on the iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Windows Mobile and of course now the iPad. Glympse continues to build out its offering and service and today announced real-time location sharing on Facebook:
Glympse goes beyond static “check-ins” or a simple map showing your location, and allows iPhone™ and Android users to quickly update their status via their mobile phone so their Facebook friends can follow their real-time movements on a dynamic map, for a set period of time.  
It also works via Twitter too (although you only get the link via Twitter and must click away for the rich media experience). The person receiving the “Glympse” doesn’t need any software online or on a handset to see the map and movement. That functionality has now been extended to the Facebook news feed so that Glympse user movements and the related map can be viewed in the Facebook news feed like you might view a video in-line. Here’s a screenshot: Picture 210 Glympse users can share their location and subsequent movement with one person or many depending on whom they choose to notify. (What’s not entirely clear to me is whether, when I send a Glympse to my wife or friend, all their Facebook contacts get to see my movements too. I supsect there are controls and that’s not the case.) The video below shows a demonstration of how it works and how it operates on Facebook: Picture 209 Glympse has lots of privacy controls so its not a stalker app. Even if someone forgets that Glympse is on — it requires multitasking support to work “in the background” so won’t work continuously on the iPhone until OS 4 — it will expire after a limited duration. I also find it interesting that, from a positioning standpoint, the company is now trying to ride the “check in” wave, which makes sense: “Glympse . . . goes beyond static “check-ins” or a simple map showing your location . . . ” I think the Facebook application and integration will drive considerable awareness and growth for Glympse. There’s tremendous utility here for people, but the new Facebook integration adds a novel and “fun” dimension as people can now post their movements to their networks (e.g., trip across the country, etc.).