Confirmation of Nexus One from T-Mobile

Tue, 12/29/2009 – 09:55 by TMONews captured a T-Mobile forums screenshot that reflects it will support the Nexus One and that the Google Phone will be launched in early January. Google has scheduled a press event for Jaunary 5, which is the rumored date for launch of the device. Here’s what the site says about the phone and how it will be sold (verbatim): The Google Android phone will be sold solely by Google via the Web Support for this device including troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC T-Mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, features and rate plans Some people have argued this device is aimed primarily at markets outside the US. Regardless, success of handset in the US will be tied to price. Will so many smartphones at $199 or less, any pricing above $200 will see very mixed results for Google/HTC. To get to $200, however, it will need to be subsidized by someone.