Report: Smartphone Platforms Flat, Except Android

Comscore today released an update of mobile marketshare figures for the US smartphone market, as well as general mobile user behavior data. What they show at the top level is that Android has grown whereas the other smartphone platforms are flat to declining. These data run through May and don’t yet reflect the launch of the iPhone 4. Below is the market-share chart. Android has made a meaningful gain again: photo In addition comScore captures mobile user behavior across a range of activities:  photo What’s interesting here is that some of the other survey based data out in the past few days show higher levels of activity in a number of these categories: SMS, mobile Internet access and social network access on mobile devices. In particular, Pew’s data show that roughly 40% of mobile users accessed the Internet on their handsets. Now, that may be all inclusive and not simply “browser-based,” as in the comScore numbers. But there’s a meaningful discrepancy between the Pew number (extrapolated from a survey) and comScore’s number.