CBS Adds SMS to Outdoor Ads

We’ve written in the past about how text messaging (or barcodes) can add both tracking and a dynamic promotional element to traditional media, including newspapers, radio, TV and, in this case, outdoor. Yesterday CBS announced a new program called txt2go:
The program, called txt2go, will include a text keyword on advertiser signage that the public can use to access marketing messages from the client, including special offers and promotions. The interactive feature enhances an advertiser’s ability to connect with prospects and deliver messages with more relevance and a measurable ROI, in addition to building a long-term database of interested consumers. In launching txt2go, CBS Outdoor becomes the nation’s very first out-of-home media company to provide a complete text messaging solution for its clients. The add-on feature creates an affordable new avenue for advertisers looking to package into their media features like digital couponing, sweepstakes, direct response and point of purchase. The technology will allow advertisers to track responses to their marketing in real time.  
Expect other outdoor media companies to follow suit. (This is also being done with digital OOH.) Eventually most traditional media will use mobile to track effectiveness (much like call tracking has historically been used). But the interactive element adds something truly compelling, the ability to associate dynamic promotions with otherwise static media. NearbyNow has also been doing something similar with some of its retail customers on their outdoor ads.