Apple Store App, iPhone Mania and Free-Mobile

Earlier today Apple released an Apple Store app, enabling users to buy anything in the Apple store via the iPhone. You could then reserve/pre-order your iPhone 4 with your existing iPhone.

But generally today has been filled with pre-ordering snafus, detailed on Gizmodo:

AT&T’s online system has collapsed, there are account security breaches, Apple’s online upgrades are down, and stores are now using pen and paper to process sales.

It’s another black eye for AT&T’s relationship with the iPhone. But the collapses likely signal strong iPhone 4 demand rather than just server crashes. 

Meanwhile T-Mobile is giving away free phones with family plans to combat iPhone 4 and and retain/attract customers: 

T-Mobile said Tuesday that throughout Saturday, beginning at 8 a.m., new customers will be able to get free handsets of their choice by signing up for a “family plan,” which is a calling plan that has at least two users. Current T-Mobile customers can convert a single-user plan into a family plan by adding at least one user, or adding lines to a family plan they already have. You can get up to five free phones with a single family plan, though each will come with a two-year contract.

The promotion includes T-Mobile’s newest smart phones running Google Inc.’s Android operating software, such as the HTC myTouch 3G Slide, which usually sells for $180 with a two-year contract and rebate, and Garminfone, which usually costs $200 with a two-year contract and rebate. Some phones will require a mail-in rebate, T-Mobile said.

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