AdMob Introduces New iPad Ad Formats

Not waiting or wanting to be upstaged by the launch of iAds, Google-owned AdMob is introducing new ad formats for the iPad. These new formats include text, tile and image ads. The company will also be rolling out interactive HTML5 ads in the near future:

AdMob was one of the first companies to launch ad units for both iPhone and Android applications, and now we’re helping to drive innovation on the iPad. We consider today’s launch of text & tile and image ads for iPad native apps to just be the starting point.  We’re always thinking about what’s next and working to leverage the unique capabilities of mobile platforms to create engaging ad experiences.  With that in mind, we’ve put together a sneak preview of the creative potential of iPad ads using HTML5.

AdMob put together what a mock up of what such an ad might look like:

Picture 5

While digital creative has a way to go, though is improving, for smartphones, agencies and marketers’ creative efforts may really shine on the larger screen and accompanying formats made possible by the iPad. 

Picture 7