MSN 9 Internet

UPDATE: MSN has temporarily stopped offering a free trial through our relationship with them, but we expect a free trial offer for MSN internet access to return to our ISP listings soon. For now, use the following links if you are interested in free trials of AOL or SBC Yahoo.

In addition check out arcZip and mFire, two highly rated, low-cost ISPs that will save you $84 a year compared to MSN’s $21.95 per month. Or try Joi Internet, a cheap internet service provider that you can get for $6.95 per month when you prepay for a year.

Join MSN today and get your first 2 months of MSN9 free! Currently MSN is not offering a free trial of internet access through our listings, but we expect a free trial offer for MSN internet access to return soon. For now, use the following link to browse MSN 9 offers direct from MSN, if you are still interested in MSN Internet Access. Otherwise, AOL and SBC Yahoo currently have free trials.

Unlimited internet access with MSN is $21.95 per month. While this is cheaper than America Online it is not a very good bargain compared to other top quality dialup internet service providers like mFire, where you can get great Internet access for just $14.95 per month ($84 less per year.)

MSN Internet is growing rapidly, probably because they have a reputation for better speed and reliability than AOL. They are also benefiting from the slightly lower price than AOL noted above. In addition, many people are familiar with Microsoft products they use with their computer, and this name recognition is a factor in MSN’s increasing popularity.

Although MSN doesn’t give you Web space to setup your own Web site, they give you 30 MB of storage with MSN Groups, plus additional storage for photos online with MSN Photos Plus. In addition, you can customize your home page with the features and content you select.

In addition to online support info and frequently asked questions, MSN offers live tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach them via email, online chat or telephone.

With MSN, your e-mail, Web favorites, and other commonly-used features are accessible from any PC with Internet access, as well as many Web-enabled devices such as cellular phones, Pocket PC, and MSN Companion.

How to cancel MSN.