Initially we only listed free Internet services. However, once there were no decent free Internet providers left, we began searching for the best discount Internet providers.

mFire isn’t free, but is an ISP to consider for anyone wanting a fast, no-hassle internet provider. Although they were known for extremely fast and reliable internet access, lately we’ve had user reports of some email problems. (Since email is such an important part of internet service, we have substantially lowered their rating because of this.) Dialup accounts from m Fire include free extras like extra email accounts and spam filtering, and they also have friendly customer service and technical support available for free 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you ever need help.

With mFire, things are designed to be simple and easy. Their online signup process was fast and easy, but at last check they disabled it so you have to sign up by phone. (It is a toll-free phone call though, so not a big problem.) Their software is simple–just click the Connect button and get a direct dialup connection to the Internet. Using your instant messenger software like AIM or ICQ is hassle-free. Email is also easy with their full-featured Web Mail system.

Since mFire is a full-featured, top-quality ISP, it is a good deal (and is quite a bit less than AOL and other top ISPs) at the regular price of $19.95 a month. But if you use the promotion code ALL, you can get internet access for just $14.95 a month. This is a savings of $5 off regular price for as long as you stay an mFire member. It’s a fantastic deal, so remember to use promotion code “ALL” when you sign up.

mFire provides 5 free email addresses with your dialup account. They provide both POP3 and WebMail for email access. POP3 is great for people who have email clients such as Outlook Express they want to use. WebMail is great for those that do not want to bother installing and configuring email client software. WebMail is also great because it makes it so easy to check your email when traveling. You can quickly do it from any computer with Internet access.

mFire also offers content filtering as a free option. If you are worried about your children or family coming across inappropriate adult content, simply sign up for mFire’s filtered plan and inappropriate content will be blocked.

Remember to use promotion code ALL when you signup, to get $5 off regular price every month, for as long as you remain an mFire member. This is a savings of $60 per year, and at $14.95 per month you save over $100 a year compared to AOL.