They provide a standard PPP connection, so all operating systems are supported including Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, Macintosh, WebTV, Sega Dreamcast, Linux, etc.

GLISnet does not have an online signup form. To sign up, call 1-888-445-4763 (not available 24/7–see their site for hours) and be sure to say you found them on All Free ISP.

Great Lakes Information Systems ( offers high quality internet access throughout Michigan. There are no session forced disconnects and you never get a busy signal with their four to one user to modem ratio. If you are within their area, you really should consider this quality, local ISP, especially if you are currently paying more for an internet service provider like AOL or Earthlink.

They offer a variety of plans depending on your needs and pricing requirements. Internet access starts at just $8.95 monthly for 30 hours of usage, is $13.95 for 80 hours of usage, and goes up to $18.95 for unlimited usage. However, you can save a ton more if you pre-pay, either quarterly, semi-annually or annually. For example, with annual pre-payment unlimited internet access drops to just $13.95 monthly rate and the 30 hour plan is just $6.50.

If you do prepay at this or any other ISP to save money, we recommend trying it out on a monthly basis first, to make sure you are completely happy with the service before you commit. Go To GLISnet