Freelane by Excite

Technical Support Excite FreeLane FAQs Excite FreeLane Info You can reach FreeLane Powered by Excite support via email at: [email protected] Contact Info Excite Corporate Contact Page [email protected] 450 Broadway Street Redwood City, CA 94063 Supported Operating Systems Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Access Numbers FreeLane by Excite Access Numbers FreeLane by Excite Access Number Coverage Comments UPDATE – Freelane by Excite has been permanently closed. From the site: “Effective March 1, 2001, Excite’s free Internet access service, Freelane, will no longer be available.” FreeLane by Excite was previously powered by technology from 1stUp. After 1stUp went out of business, Excite used new free internet access technology to continue offering free internet service with FreeLane 2.0. Unlike the original version, FreeLane 2.0 does not support the Macintosh platform or dialup access numbers in Canada. Excite Freelane has begun limiting free internet usage to 25 hours per month. For more time than that, you will need to pay. The original Excite FreeLane was a highly rated free internet service provider. Although there are relatively fewer dialup access numbers now, FreeLane 2.0 is still a decent free internet access provider. Their banner is not as large as other major free ISPs such as Bluelight, NetZero and Juno. However, their rating is not higher because they have had problems in transitioning their service to the new Excite FreeLane 2.0. There have been outages in service, and currently the software is not even available for download from their homepage. FreeLane powered by Excite currently has the following message on their site: “The FreeLane service is currently being modified and may be unavailable until the modification is complete. We look forward to having FreeLane up and running to capacity soon. Please check back with us periodically to see when the service is available. We appreciate your patience in this matter.”