Speed Test

Online Internet Speed Test
Provided by OpenSpeedtest.com

With any type of Internet connection, you’re going to be interested in the speed that web pages open, or video downloads, and how this equates with the contract you have with your ISP.

In many cases this will be pretty good, and match the advertised speed. However you might feel that your Internet connection speed isn’t quite up to scratch. But how do you prove it?

The best thing you can try is a speed test tool. Such software is usually found on the web and can provide you with information to establish just how fast your Internet connection is. You can use a utility such as this one for any type of connection, whether you use cable, satellite, ADSL or a mobile device to reach the Internet.

For the best results, you should check the information displayed by these utilities over the course of several days, probably at around the same time or while performing similar activities. By building up a wider profile of what is happening with your Internet speed if you have severe concerns about the quality of your connection you can use the data you have collected to confirm this and have a strong case to take to your ISP.