Broadband Cable Modem Internet Basics

According to recent surveys, more than 73 percent of Americans use the Internet. And with the introduction of DOCSIS 3.0 wideband technology, cable modem Internet providers now offer virtually unmatched speeds. If you currently subscribe to a frustratingly slow dial-up Internet service or DSL, the time has never been better to check out the special offers and blazing fast speeds available with cable modem Internet.

Here are the basics:

Cable Modem Internet Speed

Cable modem Internet speeds now reach an incredible 50 to 60 Mbps. These speeds have been introduced in many markets across the U.S., with more areas being added continually. And cable Internet providers expect speeds to go even higher over the next few years. If you switch from dial-up technology, you’ll be able to download large Internet files such as movies, videos, and music files in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. In fact, just browsing websites can be nearly instantaneous compared to what you’re probably experiencing now. And since cable modems are always connected to the Internet, you don’t have to wait for the computer to dial access numbers in order to get a connection. Just click on your browser and you’re on. No waiting. No busy signals.

How Does Cable Modem Internet Work?

Dial-up and DSL services utilize telephone lines. This means you may not be able to use your phone and computer at the same time, and your service may be distance-sensitive, so the farther you live from the phone company’s central office, the less reliable your service may be. Cable modem Internet is delivered directly to your home over advanced digital or fiber-optic networks. These networks provide highly reliable service to subscribers and make the higher speeds possible.

What does Cable Modem Internet Offer?

Cable modem Internet subscribers receive the incredible speeds necessary to enjoy today’s diverse broadband experience – watching HD movies and TV shows, playing complex games online, downloading music, uploading photos, browsing the Web, and more. Cable Internet providers give their subscribers security tools to protect your computer from threats such as data breaches, spyware, malware, and viruses. Most also offer packages that include multiple email addresses with storage, personal Web space, and a variety of features to enhance your online experience.

How to Subscribe to Cable Modem Internet

To sign up for cable modem Internet, find out which Internet service providers are available in your area. Visit our cable internet service availability page to check what cable providers have service in your area. Cable Internet prices have never been more competitive and you should find a number of special offers for new subscribers. Also check into bundling your services to save even more money. After you subscribe, the cable provider will take care of the rest and you’ll be enjoying the world of high-speed Internet before you know it.

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