Satisfaction Higher for eReaders than Netbooks

An NPD Group survey has found (n=1,000) that 93% of eReader owners are “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with those devices. The survey didn’t break out the devices (or at least what I saw). However most of those devices are going to be Kindle or Sony tablets at this point. 

From the publicly released portions of the report:

  • 60% of owners said wireless access was their favorite feature on their e-Reader; touch was mentioned by 23% of owners (these folks are not the Kindle owners)

Suggested improvements:

  • more book title availability — 42%
  • longer battery life — 39%
  • color screens — 34%

The survey also found that “about three-in-ten owners say they use at least one another device for reading e-books, such as a PC or a smartphone.” 

Compare this to a Q2 2009 survey of netbook owners by NPD: 

  • “58% of consumers who bought a netbook instead of a notebook said they were very satisfied with their purchase, compared to 70% of consumers who planned on buying a netbook from the start.”
  • Among those 18-24, “65% said they bought their netbooks expecting better performance, and only 27% said their netbooks performed better than expected.”

This higher level of dissatisfaction among netbook owners goes to expectations of buyers who anticipated more than what they actually received. There were undoubtedly different and fewer high expectations of eReaders. However the iPad may face very high expectations. By the same token it addresses some of the “wish list” of features above.

NPD in August last year also put out survey findings that asserted 37% of consumers were interested in purchasing an eReaders. Other surveys closer in time to the iPad launch showed much higher demand/interest.


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