Pricing & Plan Details for Nexus One

Gizmodo has what look like screenshots of PowerPoint slides from a Google presentation about the forthcoming Nexus One, to be announced (in all probability) on January 5 at a special Google press event.

According to the Gizmodo report, which relies on a “tipster,” the phone will sell unlocked for $530 and with a two-year T-Mobile plan for $180. Let’s assume all this is true.

The post also says that there’s a single rate plan available, the $79 “everything” plan. That’s actually the best post-paid plan on the market in the US, beating Sprint’s $99 “everything” plan. The Sprint network, however, is considerably stronger than the T-Mobile network. 

Apparently there’s a limit of five phones per Google account, which you must have to buy the phone online. 

Picture 143

T-Mobile has the HTC G1, the HTC MyTouch 3G and the Motorola Cliq (with “MotoBLUR”). The Nexus One then becomes just the next in line for both Android/Google and HTC. Apparently if you buy the phone at the subsidized price and then cancel the T-Mobile contract you’re penalized and must pay the difference between the subsidized and unlocked prices.

You could also buy it unlocked and use it with the AT&T network. However that’s unlikely for several reasons, among them the $530 price and the battered reputation of AT&T’s network. The GSM Nexus One won’t work on Sprint or Verizon’s networks in the US.

I could be quite wrong but I doubt that Google will sell many of these handsets for $530. One question I have is: Will it be avaiable to hold and test in T-Mobile stores. The rumors leading up to the announcement suggest it won’t, which will also negatively affect sales. 

In the end then this turns out to be not the one “Google Phone” but another HTC Android handset, among a growing number. Yet it has the distinction of being (for now at least) the best Android handset in the market — better and faster than Droid.