iPad Metrics: Users & Ad Performance

These numbers were previously released but I thought it would be interesting to present them together. Below are Nielsen data regarding iPad ownership demographics and Mobclix data about engagement ad ad performance on the iPad. iPad users appear comparable in age ranges, though perhaps slightly younger, than the iPhone population. They’re more affluent than iPhone users however. Nielsen says the “sweet spot” for the iPad is “affluent 25 to 36 year olds.” Interestingly, 51% of iPad users responding to the Nielsen survey did not own an iPhone. I fall into that category as well. http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/iOS-user-profile.png According to Mobclix, rich media/video ads on the iPad have a 10.7X higher CTR than “standard” display on the iPad. In addition, iPad apps generate a 5X eCPM vs. the iPhone. Picture 14 It’s clear that the iPad audience is desirable for brand marketers and that users are much more engaged with media and ads on the iPad than on smartphones or the iPhone.