Satellite Internet Options

This is by far the most efficient method to access internet while in the rural areas.


Satellite has come a long way thanks to 4G
Satellite internet services does not rely on any cabling or mobile broadband and with the current advancements in technology, you can have very fast internet connection utilizing the recent 4G networks while in the most remote places on earth. The connectivity services are also available in cheap and affordable rates thus making it possible for most people in the remote areas to have access to internet.

National Coverage

Service is available almost anywhere
You don’t have to live in one of the most rural states such as Maine to get satellite. Satellite is available nationwide in any state, city, county, town, or rural area. States with a healthy mix of town and country like North Carolina qualify for coverage as well. Unlike Cable Internet or DSL Internet broadband providers who only offer services in limited or select areas where they have their cable or fiber laid, satellite is available anywhere as long as there is line of site between your dish and the satellite in space.

Low Cost

Affordable plans at a range price points
It will also surprise you to note that despite the plethora of benefits that satellite internet has over Dial Up connections, the prices remain to be relatively low and due to the competitive nature of the industry, you are likely to find a number of great deals with the majority of the providers.

Satellite Provider Comparisons

The two major players in the space are Hughesnet and Viasat. Below is a breakdown of their offerings.

top speeds (mbps)25 Mbps50 Mbps
lowest costs$65 per mo$70 per mo
monthly rates$65 to $160$70 to $150
data range15 to 75 GB40 to 100 GB

About the data
Here is what you need to understand about the data allocations – there are no hard data limits, but once you use up your plans data allocation then you go to a standard data plan, which is slower.

About the contracts
Both companies require a two-year commitment for service. The rationale is that a two year contract allows them to provide the best pricing on a monthly basis. Should you choose to start, but then cancel a two-year commitment, early termination fees are in effect.

Current Satellite Provider Plans

Below is more specific information for each plan.

Viasat Satellite (855) 242-8953

Metered broadband

download speed (Mbps)high speed data (GB)cost
1240 GB$50 / $70
2560 GB$70 / $100
50300 GB$200 / $300
50150 GB$150 / $200
50100 GB$100 / $150

  • 2 yr contract
  • First price shown is for first 3 months (promo)
  • After high speed data limit is used, you still get access to standard data (slower)

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HughesNet 833-270-5638

Internet Only Plans

download speed (Mbps)high speed data (GB)cost
2515 GB$65
2530 GB$75
2545 GB$110
2575 GB$160

  • 2 year commitment
  • lease or purchase equipment
  • includes wi-fi.

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What Can You Do with a GB?

1hr2hr3hr4hr5hr6hr7hr100+ hrs
web browsingxxxxxxxx
social mediaxxxxxxxx
stream musicxx
stream videoxx
movie downloadx
high def videox

What else should you know?

Are the speeds I see stated guaranteed at all times no matter what?
There are logical reasons why no one can guarantee top speeds in all situations. Most plans just state the maximum speeds that are in range, but can be reduced.

Technology performance is contingent upon the configuration of your computer(s), how many other users are online at the same time as you, traffic congestion on the network or on the web, and other factors. The maximum potential speeds of each level of service stated here can at times be reduced, for example, at peak times.

Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed because no company can control all global and space variables. During peak hours, actual upload and download speed will likely be lower than speeds indicated. Overall, your experience should be an excellent one but we do want to provide you with as much information as possible.

Is the basic pricing difference about speed and capacity?
Basically, yes. The plans offer different maximum upload and download speeds because satellite technology operates at different speeds for uploading and downloading data. The faster your speeds and the more download allowance you need, the higher your rate because you are consuming more capacity.

Not everyone needs the highest download allowance because not everyone is a heavy Internet downloader. That’s providers have different levels for you. No matter what plan you choose, the internet is always on and your browsing and downloading times are a fraction of those for dial-up service.

How quickly will I be up and running?
Next-day installation is often available. When you place your order today, the sales representative can check the availability calendar for local installers in your area.

Installation Process
Typically, an installer mounts the dish to an approved structure at least 5 feet off the ground as required by FCC regulations, using standard roof or wall mounting brackets. A coaxial cable jack in then installed in the room where the system will be located, and routes two exterior RG-6 coaxial cables from the dish to the coaxial cable jack. Usually the hardware required to properly ground the system is included and configured. And lastly, the installer will verify the satellite signal strength and activate your account.

What is not included with installation?

  • Custom work, including moldings or cosmetic hardware to hide cables, and non-penetrating roof, pole or chimney mounts (Be sure to discuss complex installations with your installer prior to work beginning)
  • Removal or repair of previously mounted equipment (this work may be performed with a signed Waiver of Liability)
  • Mounting to a roof structure that exceeds one story in height
  • Pole mount for cosmetic purposes (the pole mount is only included in a standard installation if needed to gain a clear view of the Southern sky)

Will they set up my home network and wireless router?
If you’d like, you can inquire if this option is available at an additional cost through your installer when you set your appointment. However, home networks are not usually included or supported by technical support.

Mobile Broadband vs Satellite
Mobile broadband services are a step up from dial up. Instead of waiting for the scratchy noises to stop, you are always connected to a wireless service that runs off of cell phone towers. This service is pretty good overall if you live in an area with plenty of cell phone towers. For someone who lives out in the country, it may or may not be a good option. It’s a matter of research. Like any other service, it pays to ask around people who are working with these providers in your area to see if they are any good. Working with a good provider helps, but in the country it might not make a difference if there aren’t enough towers, so do your research before signing up.