Note – Our database of NetZero access numbers includes all of their dialup numbers. Some of these numbers are only available to NetZero Platinum users and are not available to free subscribers. We are trying to obtain a database with just the free numbers, but for now we recommend double checking that NetZero has a free number in your area with their Access Number Lookup.

NetZero is one of the first and largest free internet service providers. They also offer unlimited internet access through their premium service, NetZero Platinum. NetZero has completed their merger with Juno, and now they are each part of a single company called United Online.

NetZero displays commercials while you are connecting to the Internet. After you connect, NetZero has large ad banners which waste screen space and slow down your surfing. They limit you to just 10 hours of free internet service a month and some users have reportedly been cut off after just 3 hours of usage. NetZero used to have many access numbers available, but they have eliminated many of the access numbers available to free users. For unlimited internet access, you can upgrade to NetZero Platinum, but this costs $9.95 per month USA ($14.95/month Canada).

Recently we have received a lot of email from people that had a really hard time getting through to NetZero in order to cancel their account. Unfortunately, it seems calling is the only way to cancel your account, so you may need to wait on hold for a very long time in order to cancel the subscription and avoid additional charges.

NetZero uses their free service as a way to get new customers. Then they push free users to convert to paid subscribers of their premium service. Since the NetZero free service has so many limitations and cannot be counted on long term, those interested in NetZero should check out their premium service, NetZero Platinum.

NetZero charges very high rates for live tech support. Therefore, if you think you may need to call support at some point, it may be better to go through a discount isp such as mFire that offers free technical support through a toll-free phone number.

To keep from being disconnected in the free service, you may need to click on at least one ad in the ZeroPort window every 20 – 30 minutes. Otherwise, you receive an automatic disconnect warning, and you have to click the button to remain connected.

With NetZero free internet access, you only have free access to Web Mail (they discontinued free access to POP3 email.) This means that you cannot use email programs like Outlook Express unless you pay for their MegaMail service or use NetZero Platinum. Their free email is limited to 2MB of online storage space, which is not very much at all, especially since it is hard to download your email to free up space on the server when you cannot use an email client like Outlook Express.

If you don’t have internet access already or do not want to download the software, you can call 1-800-333-3633 to order a NetZero CD with the software you need. However, they do charge you for CD orders.

How to cancel NetZero