About Juno Juno and NetZero merged to form a single company, United Online, back in 2001. They also acquired the Bluelight ISP. Over time they modified these services so that they are essentially identical, except for their names.

On the Juno site it can be very hard to find the free service sign up, which is why we link to the NetZero Free Internet Access page. As mentioned earlier, NetZero and Juno are both owned and operated by United Online and the two ISPs are nearly identical.

Note – Our database of Juno access numbers includes all of their dialup numbers. Some of these numbers are only available to Juno Platinum users and are not available to free subscribers. We are trying to obtain a database with just the free numbers, but for now we recommend double checking that Juno has a free number in your area with their Access Number Lookup.

Juno is pushing users to upgrade to their premium (paid) service, Juno Platinum, instead of using the free internet service. One way they are doing this is by eliminating local access numbers available to free users. It appears they by eliminating access numbers over time, they are in effect phasing out the free service.

The other way they are pushing the Juno Platinum service over the free Juno internet service is by limiting the free service. The biggest limitation is that you only get 10 hours of access per month, which is simply not enough time for many people. With the free service you are limited to Web mail, so you have to upgrade to Juno Platinum if you wish to use an email client like Outlook Express. Another drawback of the free service is the extra advertising you must endure.

Worse yet, there are reports that even the paid premium service has usage limitations. If Juno detects that you are using the internet too much (and they do not tell you what this limit is), they may suddenly notify you that the rate you are paying for internet access will dramatically increase if you wish to continue using Juno. Therefore, even their discount internet rates should be looked at as limited time trials, because they reportedly may suddenly raise your prices to $19.95 or even $29.95.

Whether you are a free user or a Platinum member, Juno tech support costs are extremely high at $1.95 per minute (or $14.95 per call in certain areas.) There is no guarantee how quickly your problem will be resolved, so this could be very expensive. If you will need live tech support, you should try a different isp with free live support, such as mFire. Although the premium service, Juno Platinum, offers numerous benefits over the free internet access service, you still have to pay for tech support.

Recently we have received a lot of email from people that had a really hard time getting through to Juno in order to cancel their account. Now you can Cancel Juno Account Online, but this doesn’t always work for everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes calling is the only way to cancel your account, so you may need to wait on hold for a very long time in order to cancel the subscription and avoid future charges.

How to cancel Juno.