3Web claims to have access numbers throughout Canada. However, they do not make the access numbers available to users or to us for security reasons, so we are unable to link to them here or include them in the All Free ISP database. The numbers are encrypted in the 3web software, and this software is needed to connect. For security reasons, the number that will appear when you are dialing into their servers is 555-1234, however you are actually dialing into another secured number which they don’t give out. Reportedly they have coverage in the following cities: Calgary, Chicoutimi, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Montreal, Oshawa, Ottawa, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, St. John, St. Catherines, St. John’s, Sudbury, Toronto, Trois Rivieres, Vancouver, Windsor and Winnipeg. 3Web Access Number Coverage

Comments UPDATE: As of July 15, 2001, 3Web is no longer free. 3Web XS is available for $9.95/month. (The following comments refer to when they offered free internet service.)

Before using the links to go to 3web’s site, please be aware that 3Web’s website pops up all kinds of advertising. Many of these ad windows are very hard to close down, so they are very annoying.

Please note that 3web is not available for download, and has not been available for quite a few months. To use 3Web, you will need to buy the software on CDROM from one of 3web’s distribution partners. According to 3web:

“Please be aware that due to 3web’s unprecedented public demand, the service has quickly reached capacity in some cities. As a result, the 3web installation software is not available for download. We assure you that this is only a short-term situation, and that our Networking division is working with its telecommunications providers to increase capacity across Canada as soon as possible.”

3Web is a Canadian product, developed by Canadians and claims to provide access coast to coast to coast throughout Canada. However, please see the note above about how the list of access numbers is not available and how the 3Web access numbers are not available in the All Free ISP database.

Like Juno, NetZero and other free ISPs, 3web offers premium access for a fee. When you pay to upgrade to 3webXS, you get premium, unlimited Internet access without 3web advertising, plus free live technical support. If you want totally free internet access, do not sign up for the premium 3webXS. Some users report that the free ISP service frequently disconnects users now that the paid premium service is available.